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actionVRapp Help, 360 Degree video player

Have you ever thought to own a mobile large 360 degree cinema around to enjoy timely video?

action vr app video player aerofotografie

Well Yes, this is not a joke! With our 360 degree virtual reality movies and video glasses you can put your smartphone on and get teleported right into the movie.
This will give you the unique chance to explore the world, back to front, left to right, the sky is literally the limit. You are part of the scene and feel in the middle of the action.

actionVRapp Help: How to use the actionVR app

Please be aware, to use this app you need at minimum a Google Cardboard. You can also use any other head mount display /virtual reality glasses which is compatible with your smartphone.

We recommend to use a proper headset connected to your smartphone to be able to enjoy the sound of the video.

The usage and control of the actionVR app follows a simple and intuitive logic.
You can control the app by moving you head and focusing the ray-cast (cursor) to certain elements withing the app.

As you may know movies are space consuming and and as higher the resolution as larger the file size.
We use sophisticated compression algorithm to make the files as small as possible without deteriorating the quality of the images.
Nevertheless our apps might still be huge compared to other apps. Therefore we recommend to install the actionVR app when you are connected to a local network.

Our app is compatible with the Google cardboard standard. We advise you to install the google cardboard app and set up your smartphone accordingly before using the actionVR app.

Please use a comfortable turn around chair and sit down before using the app!

After starting the app you will see a split screen similar to the one below:

actionVR 360 Grad Video App

Now you can look all around and get used to the environment.


Somewhere in the sky of the scene you will see the start icons for the actual video. Depending on the scene, there are different icons available.
Move your head and focus with the little blue cursor onto one of the icons and keep looking straight for a few seconds until the video is starting.


After the video is running you can turn all around and look up and down, there are many things to explore within our 360 degree movies. You will notice if you move your head up and down at a certain speed, a little cross will appear on the screen. When the little cross appears you have the option to activate the video control bar.

actionvr app vr player cardboard

Focus the cursor right at the cross sign and the video control bar will appear right in front of you. With the control bar you have the option to move back and forth in the video timeline. On the left side you can pause or restart the video. On the right side you can exit the video and return to the home scene.

actionvr app vr player cardboard ios play store
The control bar will disappear automatically as soon you are not using it anymore.

Google Cardboard is less of a product and more of a standard – you can buy many different models of cardboard headsets, or even make your own from Google’s template.

Check out Google’s Get Cardboard site for more information.

If you have any recommendations for improvement of our App, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See this video and how much fun people have when they watch our 360 degree video content.

 VR Apps play an important role in the delivery of your VR content strategy, allowing full control over your immersive content, whether it is entirely owned or curated. We build multi-platform VR Apps for Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS and Android.
We work with our clients to design and build custom VR applications that show the content in the best possible light, at its optimal resolutions and quality. This allows for optimized graphics, increased FOV, custom menus and media control functions – a far better experience than any link to a 360° video on Facebook or YouTube.
We have produced several VR apps for clients including Audi, Tourismus Oberstdorf, Four Hills Competition, Bistum Mainz and many others.


We provide aerial imaging, 360° aerial video and surveying. We have developed several custom drones capable of carrying our 360° rigs whilst the drone is not visible in the stitched video. We have different drones available for our 360° capture; a larger heavy lift drone able to capture 8k video and a smaller drone which is ideal for indoor flight and gives greater flight capabilities within controlled airspace. The smaller drone also gives us the ability for international travel and freight.